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2 PACK - Posture Assistant Backboard 24x19x1 - Compact Portable Bunkie Board - Promotes Sleep & Spinal Aid for Beds & Mattresses

As your mattress starts to sag over time, it won’t offer the proper support you need. As a result, you will experience back pain and stiffness when you get out of bed. Using the Dr. Franklyn's Posture Assistant Backboard, you can extend the life of your mattress and get the support you need. To provide long-term strength and use, the Posture Assistant is expertly crafted out of paperboard construction. This durable, sturdy backboard delivers consistent support, making your mattress feel firm and new again so you can get the comfortable sleep you need. According to clinical specialists, the spine is most comfortable when it’s in the neutral spine position. This position requires that all three curves of the spine – cervical, thoracic and lumbar – are present and in good alignment. Providing this proper sleeping posture, the Dr. Franklyn's Backboard furnishes better back support, spine position and blood flow so you feel well-rested night after night. To transform your saggy mattress into a firm, supportive one, simply slide the posture assistant underneath your mattress. It’s durable yet lightweight, folding up for easy use and transport from one location to another. This allows you to reap the benefits even when traveling, ensuring that you get the sleep you need when away from home. Ideal for a twin mattress, hospital bed or day bed, this backboard measures 24” x 19” x 1” in size. If you suffer with temporary or permanent back pain, are recovering from surgery, on long-term bed rest, or want to add some life to an old mattress, this Posture Assistant Backboard is the way to go.


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