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2 PACK Classic Ankle Support - Breathable Compression Sleeves - Supports & Relieves Ankle Sprain Plantar Fasciitis & Other Foot Injury

Whether you need to treat ankle pain or prevent injuries from occurring, the Dr. Franklyn's Classic Ankle Support has you covered. Providing light resistance and elasticity with b coverage, this brace stabilizes the ankle and heel to prevent injury, as well as treat pain and inflammation related to high-impact running, training and sporting. The Ankle Support is made using a 70% acrylic fiber yarn/30% rubber blend to supply an excellent combination of flexibility and extensibility. By offering comfortable compression without tightening your ankle, it provides soothing heat while promoting circulation for healing and the reduction of inflammation. Furthermore, orthopedic immobilization limits excessive movement to prevent injury of lateral and medial collateral ligaments and prevent further swelling. Supporting weak ankles and heels, this ankle strap is perfect for injuries, everyday aches and pains, weight training and sports. It can be used for the treatment of minor strains and sprains, arthritis and muscle fatigue resulting from work, sports activities or rehabilitation. Protecting the ankles, heels, Achilles tendon and ligaments, this brace can also be used to prevent injuries while engaged in sports, such as volleyball, football, soccer, tennis, dancing, cycling, running, hiking and other physical activities. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, the multi-hole neoprene is able to adjust heat and body temperature to keep you comfortable at all times. Furthermore, the open toe and heel design prevents irritation, ensuing proper placement with a snug, comfortable fit while still allowing full range of movement no matter what you’re doing.


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