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2 PACK Knee Support - Easy Use Elastic Sports Compression Sleeves - Quick Injury Recovery & Pain Relief - for Men & Women

Whether you're recovering from a knee injury or simply need some extra support, this Dr. Franklyn's Knee Support will suit your needs. It’s designed to provide firm, comfortable support to help relieve muscle and joint discomfort while protecting your knee at the same time. Reversible to fit the right or left leg, simply slide the support up your leg and over the knee. It boasts an extra-long length to cover the entire area, and a strong tensile force to provide long-term strength during all your athletic activities. The Knee Support is expertly crafted using a high-quality, elastic material, adding compression to your knee to provide a heating effect, limit movement and help increase proprioception. This compression stimulates blood circulation, aiding in faster muscular recovery and improving your endurance. Helping to relieve tired, aching joints and reduce inflammation, this Knee Support can be worn for any sport or athletic activity. Wear it when weightlifting, cycling, running or hiking, as well as when you’re playing tennis, basketball, soccer or football. It boasts strong elasticity in a longitudinal and latitudinal way to offer optimal protection without limiting your range of motion. In addition to providing pain relief and moderate support for runner’s or jumper’s knee, arthritis and tendinitis, this Dr. Franklyn's Knee Support protects the knee from future injury or risk of damage. It can even be machine washed in cold water and air dried to ensure it stays fresh and new for years to come.


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