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Dr. Franklyn's Cervical Neck Collar Stiff Neck Pain Brace Cervical Neck Traction - Universal Waterproof Immobilizer Spine Pain & Pressure Relief - One Size Fits All

While a neck collar might not be the most attractive accessory, it’s essential to wear one when recovering from an injury to your neck or cervical region. Built to provide comfortable support, the Dr. Franklyn's Cervical Collar is the perfect solution when recovering from a broken or fractured neck, whiplash, neck sprain/strain, cervical surgery and more. The two-piece, neutral beige cervical collar is made using lightweight molded foam material with rigid plastic, occipital and mandible posts. While the foam helps to prevent uncomfortable rubbing against the skin to make it comfortable enough to sleep in, the posts supply greater stabilization to immobilize the cervical spine throughout the day and night. Waterproof for added convenience, individuals can bathe or shower while recovering without having to constantly remove and reattach the brace. A perforated hole at the front allows additional breathability, giving easy access to the trachea, pulse and bandaging if an emergency or medical issue should arise. Application is easy and simple with Velcro closures, allowing for a customized fit to accommodate individuals of any size. Meanwhile, the non-toxic foam material is hypoallergenic to make it suitable for even those with sensitive skin. Your neck plays an important part in your everyday life, so it’s important to completely support it when you’re healing from an injury. This Dr. Franklyn's Stiff Neck Pain Brace is a great way to ensure that happens.


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